nyjohankopiajpegJohan E. Anderson is a composer, percussionist, instrument maker and music teacher . He has a former career as a film producer.

He is a self-taught percussionist and found early interest in exploring and find new sounds, complementing the traditional instruments .

Johan was active in several improvisational bands in the 1990s and 2000s such as : Trio Dynamique, Sond , Blümchen trio, In Between and Inside Out .

He also has among others played with The Great Lerning Orchestra, collaborated with choreographers such as Philippe Blanchard and Charlotte Engelkes, played silent film music together with Matti Bye and worked as a musician on various occasions: opera performances , art exhibits, theatre, wine tastings, recordings , openings and award ceremonies .

Around 2003 Johan began composing music, first to The Great Lerning Orchestra. This then led to studies in composition / contemporary at the Gotland School of Music composition in 2005

After the school, Johan has e.g.composed music for the opening ceremonies of the new building of the National Heritage Board in Visby in 2008, and a piece specially written to Nikolai ruin, Visby. He has also composed music for theater and film.

Johan has continuously built and invented own instruments, and also played on subjects, such as candlesticks, water jugs, bicyklewheels, electric mixers, trays, metaltubes, metal sheets, brush cutter, et.c.

Johan runs since 2010 the Project Musikfabriken (The music factory), where people with intellectual disabilities builds instruments and preform minimalistic contemporary music.

Together with Nils Personne he also give workshops in instrument building with scrap, for children and adults.

He also builds instruments for theateres, dance performances and for movie soundtrackand and had exhibitions of sound art / sound sculptures and instruments in Museums and Art Galleries.





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